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Raduno di levrieri rescue a Torino c'erano un centinaio di cani e a BONITO ho messo il collare fatto da te ....EBBENE SAI CHE molti mi hanno detto " il collare di LUPAVARO......eravamo elegantissimi !

Faq: frequent asked questions

1 - The collars Lupavaro are only for Sighthounds?

Our answer: No, Lupavaro collars are suitable for all breeds. The typical oval shape that characterizes the collars for sighthounds can be suitable for all breeds that have their necks well extended (Doberman, Dalmatian, Pinscher, Cirneco of Etna, Great Dane, Poodle, etc etc). For all the other breed we have available the beautiful serie  "Normal Shape" However, we always work on personalization, so please let us know what you are looking for!

2 - Lupavaro collars are suitable for my puppy?

Our answer: Yes, of course! Why deny your puppy that is still growing a soft and comfortable Lupavaro collar ? We maketo make the collar for an use during puppies growth. Therefore it will be appropriate to provide to retake the current neck size when ordering and then update this measure a few days prior the delivery date so we can eventually update the measure in the last days.

3 - What kind of collar is more suitable for my puppy?

Our answer: The model that we would like to recommend is the "Elegance Series" We recommend it for  two reasons:

1) It's very soft but also durable and will well  wrap and protect his neck without causing discomfort and it will not hurt when the first few times the pup will try to get rid of that strange new thing his human friend put on his neck when it will be time to get leash trained.

2) The printed reptile leather is the best to hide scratches and is extremely durable. Therefore this collars will last for a very long time.

4 - Buckle, Martingale or strangled, which is better?

Our answer: The choice of the closure of a collar is not accidental.
The buckle is widely the preferred solution because it is safe, stylish and allows an adjustment. Certainly the modal for a dog still in growth phase. The Martingale has the advantage of being a very practical solution, ideal when you can unleash your dog with complete freedom. Strangle collar may be some peoples choose for some dogs particularly impetuous. Furthermore some breeds (Afghans and Borzoi) often have head circumference smaller than that of the neck. In this case a collar with buckle or Martingale could escape.

5 - The Martingale Lupavaro in and out with a bit of friction?

Our answer:  our Martingales  must enter and exit with a bit of friction. This is because most dogs when they do not feel the "pressure" of a collar on their necks try to escape. A collar with closure Martingale not tailored generally tends to be large and does not allow the presence of this pressure on the neck of the dog. Our Martingale are safe for this reason thats why it is very important to take well the measurement of head and neck when you order a martingale collar.

6 - The colors of the examples may be "slightly" different from the reality This is due to the different temperatures at which the monitors are set (white balance) and the effect of the flash used in the photography. 

 If in doubt, please ask for confirmation of the colors

7 - What are the delivery times of orders?

Our response: The standard waiting list during the Spring / Summer is around 30 days. During the Fall / Winter timing may be greater. Please book the realization of coats during the summer not to find themselves bottled up on the waiting list. Also remember that every year from June 21 to September 21 is published in the promotion "Lupavaro Summer". This offer will give you the opportunity to buy coats getting a discount (except for non-publication of the offer).