Manufacturer of handmade accessories for dog-lovers

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Buongiorno Luigi, confermo di avere ricevuto la merce e mi complimento per la qualità del prodotto. Saluti. Lodino

How to order

How to choose what I need?
Choosing our products is fast and easy: our resources are at your disposal to navigate between our products by selecting what you need. You'll see how funny it can be to order the galleries for your prefered colors or patterns giving you a pleasant shopping experience 

How it works?
You can surf  this wbsite selecting the category that you are interested in from the left menu and choose the series that you prefer. Open the gallery from which you can choose a product. Click on thumbnail image to open the product page of your choice. Add the options you like or choose only the principal product. Click on "add to cart" and from there click on "complete your purchase" You will receive an email confirmation regarding the availability 'of materials and the method of payment.

And if I am not so good at the computer?
No problem! We are not a company purely electronic but people always attentive to the needs of our customers. In case of need you can always contact us at the phone numbers you find on the website or by email.

Enjoy our Website! 

Luigi Panico